Scorned [verb]

Definition of Scorned:

hold in contempt; look down on

Synonyms of Scorned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scorned:

Sentence/Example of Scorned:

He had been vanquished, cheated, scorned, shamefully flouted.

They were honorable men and would have scorned the course pursued by the ministers.

He scorned a dedication, that misnomer for gratuitous advertising.

It was not so much that she scorned us, as that she did not know we were there.

She handled the dishes as if she scorned them, yet her method and care were exquisite.

We scorned to be out-galloped by a Highlandman, so off we started, whip and spur.

He would scorn the plea himself—he has scorned it all his life.

But your father has scorned us because of our difference in race.

But our fashion was not that of Belgravia or Mayfair, which, indeed, we scorned!

He scorned the new invention but warmly upheld the lute and viol.