Shunned [verb]

Definition of Shunned:

avoid, ignore

Opposite/Antonyms of Shunned:

Sentence/Example of Shunned:

In June the florist's shop is a poor place, sedulously to be shunned.

Hannah, as she moves up and down, is shunned as a person infected.

To keep faith with John and Milly, should I have shunned him?

He was puzzled, for people, while they shunned him, did not appear uncivil.

His manner to Vargrave was distant; he shunned all tete-a-tetes with his wife.

He had shunned her presence from the first: and she had grown now to shun him.

It made him morose and gloomy, a man of one idea, to be shunned.

Blatherwick's hour was on its way, slow-coming, but no longer to be shunned.

I shunned the society of my former companions of the same age.

He shunned the long walks which he had been wont to take before his illness.