Ostracized [adjective]

Definition of Ostracized:


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Sentence/Example of Ostracized:

She was not excluded, but she was not welcome; she was not ostracized, but she had lost consideration.

He matched Injun cunnin' agin the 'white laws' en got ostracized.

She is ostracized everywhere, and it means, if discovered, her social death.

Foreigners should be barred from citizenship and Catholics should be ostracized.

Post meridiem, we are ostracized, if not more rudely mobbed.

And for this the coroner had suggested that she should be ostracized.

The abolitionists in Boston at this time, were ostracized from genteel society.

It was a country where men that had honest thoughts were ostracized.

What mattered if he were a fugitive, if he were ostracized and despised?

They took it as a public disgrace, and Poppy had been ostracized ever since.