Nerdy [adjective]

Definition of Nerdy:

not liked or sought after

Synonyms of Nerdy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nerdy:

Sentence/Example of Nerdy:

He’d grown up a nerdy Catholic Boy Scout in suburban Chicago, and had always been, as his sister Audrey Kalmus said, someone who “jumped into things he believed in with three feet.”

Now a man for real, he could gift his nerdy sister a jacket we’d never afford otherwise, embrace danger by way of a transactional hug and floss and sway all the way to prison, where he’d end up in a matter of months.

Academic discourse like these form the seat of science, and may seem incredibly nerdy and outdated—especially because rather than online channels, the two sides resorted to a centuries-old pen-and-paper discussion.

Abovitz drew people in with a nerdy charm and naked ambition, said people who worked with him.

In some of my high school classes, it wasn’t cool to be nerdy.