Reigning [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Reigning:

In this the Man of Taste is obviously following the reigning fashion.

The reigning Queen was his sister-in-law and was all-powerful.

And the ordinances he established service to this day at the court of the reigning king.

After reigning for a twelvemonth, he was banished from Mexico on parole never to return.

Her brothers treat her as though she were a reigning princess.

They have no territory of their own; they are not reigning winds anywhere.

I have appealed to every reigning sovereign for intercession.

On one of these jaunts I had my only interview with a reigning monarch.

That the souls of the Saints are reigning in joy and in heaven with God.

Olybrius, the then reigning nonentity, died in October of the same year.