Determinate [adjective]

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We do not suffer affliction by chance, but by the determinate counsel and permission of God.

He must rather seek the absolute being by means of a determinate being, and the determinate being by means of an infinite being.

It is the recognition of the import within the practical judgment, of the given, of fact, in its determinate character.

For they imply the seeming paradox of a judgment whose proper subject-matter is its own determinate formation.

To judge value is to engage in instituting a determinate value where none is given.

A sum of money in expectation upon a certain event has a determinate value before that event happens.

Porismat′ic, -al; Poris′tic, -al, reducing a determinate problem to an indeterminate.

All this might perhaps pass darkly through my mind, but was not permitted to take a determinate form.

The problem for our study is, to get determinate concepts of Anarchism and its species.

William Douglas went on with the same determinate and relentless calm.