Definitive [adjective]

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Datadog and Sqreen have signed a definitive acquisition agreement.

Some of the confusion may come from the fact that there still isn’t a definitive answer to exactly where the virus came from.

This April, the Library of America will release the second volume of its definitive edition of her work.

The results, which were presented at a conference in December, are not definitive.

It’s surprising and disappointing that these scientists have ignored definitive evidence that their studies are wrong.

Even Wikipedia — not a definitive source, but a reasonable proxy for public knowledge — until recently declared the case closed.

Because the work was an analysis of previously published research, “I’m interpreting this as a first step, not a definitive result,” says Karen Chan, a marine biologist at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania who wasn’t involved in the study.

Despite the release of several vaccinations worldwide, we still find ourselves firmly in the grip of a global pandemic with no definitive end in sight.

It doesn’t provide law enforcement—or whoever is performing the research—with a definitive match and they don’t treat it as such.

We’ve taken a look at what’s changed in Digiday’s definitive guide to what’s in and out for this new normal.