Finale [noun]

Definition of Finale:

ending of an event

Synonyms of Finale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finale:

Sentence/Example of Finale:

Clemson scored 31 points in the first quarter, Trevor Lawrence threw for 403 yards and two touchdowns in his first game in a month and the Tigers cruised to a 52-17 rout of the Panthers in their home finale.

How much of that consideration ultimately went into the finale is difficult to say.

That’s why it was mildly thrilling during the finale when there was actual drama.

However, two things happened during the finale that managed to redeem the season.

Lorelai and Luke’s unresolved tension is steadily rocketing up as the season heads toward the finale.

Think what appetites these Americans have: after every performance Blow was obliged to repeat the entire finale!

For the multitude, it is simply an unpleasant finale to the life of a well known man.

The finale of the first act produced an effect which fairly astonished me.

In the very beginning of this grand finale we learn therefore that the visions concern the land of Israel.

Love —obstacles—misery—tears—despair—glimmer of hope—unexpected solution of difficulties—happy finale.