Ebbing [verb]

Definition of Ebbing:

subside; decline

Synonyms of Ebbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ebbing:

Sentence/Example of Ebbing:

We worked with the ebbs and flows of their peak seasons and low seasons as well as the margin differences to set up different cost of sale goals across the different campaigns that we had set up.

Time was measured by a new moon, the first snow, a migrating bird, or the ebb and flow of a river.

A good answer these days would have something to do with DNA, but it would also have to incorporate ebb and flow, process and pattern, contingency and probability, a paradoxically permanent state of impermanence.

We’re probably going to have the ebbs and flows of dealing with this pandemic.

In fact, it’s the ebb and flow in Pennsylvania, more than any other factor, that drive the ups and downs in the President’s odds for reelection.

A chopping sea, caused by the ebbing tide, was breaking outside the cape which marked the entrance to Sandsgaard Bay.

Presently she sat down on a Bentwood rocking-chair and swayed to and fro, aware of an ebbing of confidence.

I feel my life ebbing fast away, but would not stay without my darling.

The vital tide was ebbing fast; and even the caresses of his master could not prolong his life for a few moments.

I felt weary and strangely heavy, as though my heart were ebbing away within me.