Plummeting [verb]

Definition of Plummeting:

fall hard and fast

Synonyms of Plummeting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plummeting:

Sentence/Example of Plummeting:

Keeping his eyes glued on the plummeting altimeter, he got his left foot up and kicked out the side window.

Stan opened up and saw an aileron flutter away from the plummeting fighter.

The gunners on board the battleship were taking notice and frantically trying to swing guns to bear upon the plummeting Hawk.

Stan sucked in a deep breath and looked down at the plummeting Heinkel.

She felt like a bird in flight suddenly struck by an arrow and plummeting to earth.

He watched the plummeting body—and gasped with consternation, for less than ten feet above the pavement, Albert abruptly vanished!

Chow, Doc, and the girls watched his plummeting figure fade from view.

The thunder of the rockets increased and the mighty ship quivered as its plummeting descent was checked slightly.

Jonner recoiled, only his webbed safety belt preventing him from plummeting from the control chair.

A reverse twirl sent him plummeting toward the bottom again.