Plunging [adjective]

Definition of Plunging:


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Sentence/Example of Plunging:

These two plunging spots in the black void of night he must keep aligned.

The other two who were not wounded, plunging into the forest, also effected their escape.

I'm going to go you, though I think you're plunging on a hundred-to-one shot.

The plunging car, with accelerator full on, would be out of control.

Then he set off, and, plunging into the throng, was swept through the gates with the crowd.

Outside the reef, plunging and rolling heavily, was a small steamer.

Were we plunging rashly into what was destined to mean our death?

“Shouldst have liked to wed,” said Blanche, plunging into the matter.

The plunging torrent of sound whelmed the mind and stilled the tongue.

The start and plunging were unusual, and the rider looked to see the reason.