Libation [noun]

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No one wears a garland when sacrificing, or burning incense, or pouring out a libation.

One of these was in the form of a man pouring from a cup a libation to the gods.

May the swift-moving universal Gods, the shedders of rain, come to the libation, as the solar rays come 'diligently' to the days!

After a stiff libation of brandy and soda we stole softly downstairs and found ourselves in front of the house.

Electra says when she pours a libation: "This drink has penetrated the earth; my father has received it" (Choephorœ, 162).

To pour out a libation of milk on the road is a sign of welcome in Morocco.

We will now visit the nineteenth tee and pour a libation on the altar of friendship.

In scenes of libation the use of the jug and bowl (phiale) is invariable.

He wrote to her every evening, sitting in the stifling, ugly house, and poured out his soul as if it were a libation to a goddess.

Mac knelt down opposite, pouring liberal libation of candle-grease on the uncouth, bony mass between them.