Marring [verb]

Definition of Marring:

hurt, damage

Synonyms of Marring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marring:

Sentence/Example of Marring:

I truly believe you have the making or marring of his future in your hands—now.

It was a terrible power, the making or marring of future reputation.

Whatever my life is, he had more to do with the making or the marring of it than poor Harry has had.

What cruel demon had presided over that marring of her life!

To us the marring of her son seems the greatest of this Messalina's crimes.

But know, Quentin Durward, that you have foiled me to the marring of thine own fortune.

It was unseemly, because it was marring the beauty of a great festival.

In his death, he was at least marring this first moment of her lover's advent.

You have in your hands the marring or the making of the whole family of Lovel.

They felt as if the making or marring of their lives was in their hands.