Discomfiting [verb]

Definition of Discomfiting:

defeat, frustrate; confuse

Synonyms of Discomfiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discomfiting:

Sentence/Example of Discomfiting:

The silence that followed this non-committal remark was most discomfiting.

The idea of more was discomfiting, yet it was possible that this was only the first of a travelling company.

He attacks the duke's nephew, who was breaking many a lance and sorely discomfiting the Greeks.

No one being there, the goldsmith went elsewhere in search of his wife, leaving the scholar to a discomfiting solitude.

Eustace had no difficulty in justifying the customs of Luxeuil, and in discomfiting the violence of his accuser.

Their nearness was a discomfiting thing to Lyster, for it was not easy to carry on a conversation under their watchful eyes.

The thing that was discomfiting about Greg was his apparently enduring youthfulness.

They laid him on a couch prepared for him amidships on the main deck, where the vessel's pitching was least discomfiting.

"For the object of discomfiting a third adversary," filled in Korynthia.

This was discomfiting even to a man who piqued himself on his resources in conversation.