Praetorian [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Praetorian:

But the praetorian guard, faithful to me, was unable to make headway.

On the threshold he was met by Martialis, the praetorian centurion.

But while they deliberated, the praetorian guards had resolved.

The Praetorian guards were attached to the youth of Alexander.

They, with the Praetorian cavalry, formed the imperial guard and body-guard.

Trajan is said to have known the names of all the Praetorian Guards, numbering about 12,000.

No Praetorian or ordinary soldier could stand before him save momentarily.

This implied the continuance of praetorian methods of administration.

It was under a governor of praetorian rank, and the legio xiii.

His great-grandfather was a Spaniard, and yet attained the praetorian rank.