Colloquial [adjective]

Definition of Colloquial:

particular, familiar to an area, informal

Synonyms of Colloquial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colloquial:

Sentence/Example of Colloquial:

Color has not disclosed a valuation with recent rounds, making this the first official confirmation that the company is a “unicorn,” a colloquial industry term for a private startup worth over $1 billion.

And, hey, the name Finimondo — “the end of the world” — seems appropriate for these times, though the importer explains that the name is a colloquial expression meaning the wine is terrific.

"All they can rap and run for" is the more frequent colloquial version of this quaint phrase.

The brilliance of his wife, and her most fascinating colloquial powers, also reflected much luster upon his name.

He had traveled over Europe, and parts of the East, and possessed great colloquial powers when inclined to be sociable.

In the Attic poetry which was written in direct imitation of colloquial speech, viz.

A "growler" is a colloquial term applied to icebergs of small mass, which therefore only show a small portion above the surface.

Newcomers soon pick -396-up a colloquial knowledge of the language by mixing with their schoolfellows.

It bears an inscription which seems to scan equally well in school-book Latin or colloquial Italian.

This statement is necessary to explain the colloquial character of the discourses.