Conversational [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conversational:

But men we had known and trails we had followed furnished us plenty of grist for the conversational mill.

Her ardor stimulated their zeal, and her well-stored mind and fascinating conversational eloquence guided their councils.

But so great was her conversational power, that the kind doctor forgot the purpose for which he came.

Her talents, her accomplishments, her fascinating conversational eloquence, had spread her renown widely through Europe.

To acquire the power of thus imparting the highest pleasure by conversational powers, attention must be paid to literature.

After which conversational sparring they fell back upon the little commonplaces of the moment.

Information, mental development, and conversational ability hereafter.

It is common with Macaulay, Lowell, and many essayists that write in an easy, almost conversational style.

They are informal and conversational, and are especially suited to letter-writing, story-telling, and the light essay.

Adelaide smiled, not broadly, not hilariously, only to the exact shade demanded by conversational sympathy.