Gabby [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gabby:

"Ain't quite so gabby now as you was in Lower California," snarled Dayton vindictively, as the boy sat staring at his captors.

Don't you know that you an' me stand to swing if any of de bunch gets gabby in front of dis phoney punk?

Just why she said it Jane could not have told, unless the memory of what that awful Gabby at the station had said still rankled.

“Door unlatched,” growled Gabby, continuing his preparations for breakfast.

Somewhere in France Gabby swung his right mitt and clasped Casey's.

Gabby's face was still un-hairy, but a little lined by the last few years of bucking the business line for a living.

Gabby is a little puzzled by Fat's moustache, but only for a second.

"Miss Rothermel is unselfish," said the mother, releasing Gabby from a final embrace.

Then Gabby retired into the hominy and there was a silence if not a peace.

When she was gone, I wouldn't have been in Gabby's place for a good deal.