Chatty [adjective]

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If she still refuses, you will have to find alternatives that do not require her consent, such as calling with chatty good wishes on the day, and sending flowers.

While the science of waveforms and phasing can get a little complicated, what you need to know is that headphones with active noise cancellation are able to drown out most if not all environment noises along with a chatty coworker.

Given that Costco has just bought 30,000 early-release copies of The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide, Rawles is feeling, dare we say, needed, and almost sort of chatty.

He seemed quite his old self again, chatty and pleasant, and with his old passion for talking "shop."

He was cheerful, chatty and never said a word of love; and this relieved Susan, so that the evening passed pleasantly.

She was chatty and intensely friendly with them all during the brief drive.

He would be more chatty, I dare say, in his way from Woolwich.

It was remarkable that he should be up here holding a chatty, almost gay, conversation with the minister.

Very different it was from the chatty, gossipy way in which she filled the "Woman's Kingdom," on the back page of the Express.

The gentleman Guardians come sometimes, but they are not so chatty as the ladies, don't seem to know what to say to us old women.