Demotic [adjective]

Definition of Demotic:

particular, familiar to an area, informal

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Sentence/Example of Demotic:

In the more cursive or Hieratic writing the horned serpent appears as ; in the later Demotic as and .

They bore numerous inscriptions in hieroglyphics and the demotic character, wherefrom the clue was obtained as to their identity.

Of these demotic fragments a large quantity had been sent to the British Museum.

On another very marvellous narrative on a papyrus in the demotic character, see Brugsch, loc.

To the Greek characters were added six taken from the Demotic in order to express sounds peculiar to the Egyptian language.

Demotic represents the vulgar dialect of the Sate period, and is really applied to the character in which it is written.

The Hieratic, like the Demotic, is always written from right to left.

These papers were in two languages-Greek and demotic, or the popular language of the Egyptians.

There was another language used by the ancient Egyptians, and expressed in what is called the demotic or enchorial character.

The characters used by the Egyptians were of three kinds—hieroglyphic, hieratic, and demotic.