Disused [adjective]

Definition of Disused:

no longer in use, in vogue

Opposite/Antonyms of Disused:

Sentence/Example of Disused:

He went into the nursery, unearthed the now-disused Noah's Ark, and sucked the paint off as many animals as remained.

Several chimneys in my locality with disused flues are taken possession of by colonies of bees nearly every season.

It was a very imposing construction, built, with some help from the village carpenter, of portions of some disused fencing.

The Sirdar on his knees before a large pile of finely ground flour was ladling it into a bag with a disused Quaker Oats tin.

Between us and the dwelling house there was a disused pigsty.

But it takes time to get steam up on long disused marine engines and all hands were below when the real attack was delivered.

This hiding-place of ours was a disused workshop belonging to the Russian, who claimed to be a carpenter.

This furnace had set fire to the coal in the disused mine and smoke had been issuing from the shaft for four weeks previously.

The rails, with their rotten sleepers, now disused, were then constantly ground by the weight of wagons.

In a small disused graveyard, near Southport gate, lie buried a number of those who fell at Trafalgar.