Dinosaur [adjective]

Definition of Dinosaur:

no longer in use, in vogue

Opposite/Antonyms of Dinosaur:

Sentence/Example of Dinosaur:

Science News, January 30, 1971Through the years paleontologists have evolved a picture of the appearance and habits of various dinosaurs….

This is dinosaur country, where ancient oceans left sculpted bluffs and exposed fossils.

We’re only talking about one set of fossilized dinosaur privates, which limits the scope of any mate signalling takeaways, the study explains.

Walmart is now valued at more than $400 billion and has shed much of its reputation as a digital dinosaur in the business world.

The super-efficient lungs of many dinosaurs could deliver oxygen to every part of their massive bodies.

Either way, dinosaur hunting is everyone’s dream — and you can sign up to help out, even if you have no scientific training or are a child!

A number of other dinosaurs without feathers have been found in the region.

Medullary bone is a layer of material found inside a regular bone in birds and dinosaurs.

The researchers examined soft tissues preserved in a fossil specimen of Yi and used mathematical models to simulate how both dinosaurs would have glided.

“Come on,” Adam says as he leads us on foot to a long fissure three to four feet wide and 65 feet deep, probably started in dinosaur times by freeze-thaw cycles and pried further open by the intervening millennia.