Orphan [noun]

Definition of Orphan:

child without parents

Synonyms of Orphan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orphan:


Sentence/Example of Orphan:

She had ceased to think about the lad while she was giving this explanation of an orphan to her son.

At his birth he was an orphan, his father having died a few weeks previously.

It is the child of one dear, most dear to me; an orphan; I know not with whom else to place it.

She was an orphan and unhappy, and on this day of triumph she felt the need of a family.

Do you know of any orphan with three or four hundred pound?'

Her name was Lucie Druon, and she was an inmate of an orphan asylum.

He is no kin to us; an orphan, or as good as one; no person has ever claimed him, or ever will.

So it's a technicality that you don't have to be loyal to an orphan home.

"It means if I don't behave I have to go back to the orphan home," the girl said.

We got £1, 1s., a guinea, which we sent to an orphan institution in London.