Requested [adjective]

Definition of Requested:


Synonyms of Requested:

Opposite/Antonyms of Requested:


Sentence/Example of Requested:

I requested her to be present to-day to hear what I wished to say to you.

"Give my compliments to your father," Burke requested courteously.

Tim did instantly as requested, and helped Yates on with the coat.

I have been requested to tell this story, and exactly as it happened.

I wish I had been able to please you with my requested advice.

Repeatedly he requested the Admiralty that they would not leave him to rust in indolence.

With which they requested a stamped receipt, and remained his obedient servants.

I knew you would wish to see him, and I requested him to come.

I have been requested to take a holiday, and, rather than offend the powers that be, have given in.

He was afraid that I should not recover, and requested that my family be sent for.