Invoking [verb]

Definition of Invoking:

call upon

Synonyms of Invoking:

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Sentence/Example of Invoking:

These saints hear the mother praying for her children, the wife invoking aid for her sick or absent husband.

Therefore let us have recourse to Mary, and invoking her aid bravely resist all temptations.

And a full hour later he was sitting by his bedside, his chin supported on his hands, and still invoking posterity.

Once he thought he caught her cry, despite the yells of the flying Moslems, who were invoking all the jinns to give them speed.

While each was giving some wild opinion or another, a faint voice issued from the bowels of the earth, invoking aid.

Judge Boompointer talked of invoking the aid of the despised law.

Tidiness is not a housekeeper's superstition; it is a mechanical device for invoking the spirit of restfulness.

Nor had she any objection to her butler invoking a nightly malediction on the Pope over his tumbler of whisky-and-water.

The Zui of New Mexico employed four of its feathers to represent the four winds when invoking the rain-god.

The pains would be great indeed, and those who infer fraud little think what prodigies they are invoking.