Requesting [adjective]

Definition of Requesting:


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Sentence/Example of Requesting:

The requesting of permission to do so, it struck him, might open the way to conversation.

I noticed that many of the readers wrote in, requesting reprints.

Or, at all events, the lady might not know what had become of them and be requesting their return.

Editors of other periodicals began to write to me requesting contributions.

I opened it; it was a message from Lady Charlotte, requesting to see me in her room.

Hermann seemed to be requesting an answer of some sort from her; his whole body swayed.

A subject calls my office, requesting to be conditioned for self-hypnosis.

The tanner handed Alfred a paper, requesting him to read it carefully.

He came to me loyally, requesting me to consider his interests and mine.

Alfred answered the telegram, requesting a synopsis of the article.