Climb [verb]

Definition of Climb:

crawl, move up

Synonyms of Climb:

Opposite/Antonyms of Climb:

Sentence/Example of Climb:

Some of the alarm returned, however, when the creature attempted to climb up by his own ladder.

I made two attempts to climb up, but both times slipped back.

Analysis and practice in preparation are the steps over which we must climb to the platform of power.

It was held to be certain death to climb to its summit, and foolhardy in the extreme to go far up its sides.

Climb up the hill to the old fort and look at the little wriggling gold snakes, and watch the lizards sun themselves.

The calm permitted his boat to go safely alongside of the light-ship, and to climb up the side without difficulty.

The climb was a hard one, but the hard, well-trained muscles of the two boys made record work of it.

They climb up on the neighbouring houses with wet sails, and pull down sheds and boardings.

But oh, the thousands and thousands of mere mortals that are mired in their ruts and no longer even plan to climb out!

You could scarcely climb up one side where the ravine's narrow abreast of Silverdale.