Clamber [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Clamber:

The paleontologists reached it via an hour-long clamber through an underground river.

We had now at one moment to wade through plains of sand, and the next to clamber over the rocks by wretched paths.

They were still more surprised when they saw a number of men clamber out from under the float.

To clamber over the tender into the adjacent waggon was a simple matter.

He took up a heavy walking-stick, and started to clamber down out of the buggy.

At last both clamber slowly to an eminence where a long steel pipe has been erected.

Here they were compelled to walk, and in some places even to clamber, the ground being very rugged.

After a laborious clamber he reached the top, and walked along the plateau towards the eastern village.

And then he approached still nearer, and methought he was about to clamber into her chamber.

Jacky, trying to clamber over my lap, would whimper under the fierce clutch of my fingers as I dragged him down from the window.