Wangle [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Wangle:

He never did a stroke of work that he could possibly "wangle" out of.

But you've not managed badly to wangle a 'second', have you, Snowy and Daddles?

I said, feeling bewildered, and flurried, and amused all at once: "What is 'wangle'?"

I don't believe it's allowed, but he's sure to be able to wangle it.

The men keep an eye on the watches and "wangle" for the last second.

Dalrymple told me he rather fancied he could wangle me a bungalow.

Now, it is impossible to "wangle" a man who sits over you with a reflecting mirror screwed into his right eye.

Jerry—a gay and reckless being—had fell designs on the Flying Corps, the very first moment he could 'wangle it.'

It had taken him until his senior midterm vacation to wangle an invitation to the dome-house on Luna.

Other secretaries had used their nearness to him to wangle acting or dancing or singing assignments on other and lesser shows.