Obtaining [verb]

Definition of Obtaining:

get, acquire

Synonyms of Obtaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtaining:

Sentence/Example of Obtaining:

He had let the habit of obtaining whatever he started after get the better of him.

I am foolish, indeed, to be so sad in obtaining the very object I have sought!

His experiences were most interesting in obtaining some of the rarest specimens.

Then, after obtaining her number, she entered the wash-house.

Obtaining money with a cheque you knew your bank could not meet.

The problem of obtaining access to the place now confronted him.

Failure of the plan of obtaining remittances from Vera Cruz.

I am in a way of obtaining most of the information you desired.

You come to me, sir, when you have exhausted all other means of obtaining your end?

Nor did he succeed in obtaining a loan within the little time at his disposal.