Collation [noun]

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In Tiefurt we partook of a magnificent collation consisting of a mug of beer, brown bread and sausage!

For a "cold collation on the occasion of the audit" our Council always allows 10.

Later they became more common and this edition was corrected by collation with six others.

He based his text on a collation of all the preceding editions.

The atrocities constituting this "cold collation" of diabolisms are taken mainly from various Californian journals.

Collation is a dull business; and unless done with minute attention, cannot be expected to yield perfect correctness.

The sultan received him with the same honours as before, embraced him, placed him on the throne near him, and ordered a collation.

The whole party entered the house to partake of a collation prepared by the dainty hands of Mary.

The Text is formed by a collation of six broadsides printed between 1672 and 1700: they do not, however, present many variations.

Magdalen Graeme, summoned to take share in this collation, appeared from an adjoining apartment, but Catherine was seen no more.