Accumulating [verb]

Definition of Accumulating:

gather or amass something

Synonyms of Accumulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accumulating:

Sentence/Example of Accumulating:

Moderna said Wednesday its study has accumulated more than 53 infections, allowing a preliminary analysis of the shot’s effectiveness to begin.

Transfer the baking sheet to a heatproof surface, and gently and carefully tilt the duck over a medium bowl to drain the juices that have accumulated inside the cavity.

For sustainable fitness gains, critics argued, lifting to complete failure in every set was mentally exhausting and physically draining, and it would ultimately lead to accumulating fatigue and diminishing returns.

As of Tuesday, Singapore’s accumulated case numbers totaled nearly 58,000, with 28 deaths.

Economists say the longer that young people are forced to delay their careers, the worse their prospects will be in the future to hold a job, accumulate wealth, or even get married or start a family.

By putting out blazes, vegetation in the state has accumulated, so during periods of extreme dryness, there is much more fuel to burn than there would be had more fires been allowed to proceed.

He spent years meticulously accumulating assets without ever bottoming out, hoping against hope that he could eventually pounce on a chance for the type of superstar who could lead the team to championship contention.

Airplanes have a much higher air change rate than most other indoor settings, they say, which means tiny respiratory droplets wouldn’t have time to accumulate and travel across the plane’s length and breadth.

Also, in oceanic research, you have instruments generating and accumulating data on the ocean’s surface or the sea floor, but you don’t necessarily have continuous connectivity to them.

Last month, the Atlantic accumulated about 60,000 new paid subscribers, the best month on record since it launched a paywall last September.