Levy [noun]

Definition of Levy:

assessment, tax

Synonyms of Levy:

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Sentence/Example of Levy:

If this stinking quartet takes it into its head to levy annual blackmail, where is the money coming from?

Whatever property on which a levy could have been made by judicial process against the bankrupt passes to the trustee.

But the levy could not be collected till Michaelmas, and meantime the King appealed for an advance.

Maybe if we did go with Thorgils we should meet many more men on the way to the levy also.

King Harald sent round the whole of Norway calling out a levy, one half of the general war-muster.

They are bound to leave alive the larger part of the communiers, if for no other purpose than to have whom to levy taxes on.

The “leve-lookers” were the officials who exacted the levy or toll which unfree tradesmen were obliged to pay.

They levy money on subjects not inhabiting the colony (and consequently not represented in the General Court).

To levy a local tax would be to accept a penalty in lieu of obedience.

It was proposed to raise some companies of Yezidis for the levy also, and they would serve British officers most loyally.