Convocation [noun]

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The new creed, called the King's Book, approved by the houses of convocation, and made the standard of English orthodoxy.

During the last year such a convocation was held at Tahlequah, the seat of the Cherokee government.

For "Convocation" one must of course, in Cambridge language, read "Senate."

He felt that his proper place was in the centre of the great events announced and begun by this convocation.

The month of December, 1563, witnessed the close of that celebrated convocation, the Council of Trent.

Convocation lost all authority and bishops were treated as state officials liable to deprivation for disobedience to the council.

In 1536 he dictated the belief and ceremonial of the church by issuing Ten Articles which were subscribed by convocation.

In 1604 convocation framed a code of canons which received royal authorization.

No provision, however, was made giving the Irish clergy a place in convocation, which was evidently held unlikely to revive.

The benefits arising from conference have increasingly been valued since the revival of convocation.