Pronunciamento [noun]

Definition of Pronunciamento:

advertisement, announcement

Synonyms of Pronunciamento:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pronunciamento:


Sentence/Example of Pronunciamento:

This treaty was really nothing but a pronunciamento of Bonaparte.

Champney had not anticipated this pronunciamento, but he accepted the challenge on the instant.

Elsewhere is quoted Madame Calderon's observation of a pronunciamento.

Indeed, Melikoffs first pronunciamento from the lofty altitude of his new office struck a note of startling novelty.

The sentiments of such people found expression in the following editorial which accompanied Dorlan's pronunciamento.

A few days later Lafayette, as commander of the armies in the North, issued a pronunciamento against the popular excesses.

Even the Conquest of England was "justified" by a pronunciamento of legal assumptions subtly and elaborately drawn.

The pronunciamento delayed was at length proclaimed, and carried to a successful issue.

We never met without issuing a pronunciamento on some question.

Those who were delaying the Pronunciamento had to give it their support, however much they considered it inexpedient.