Verbiage [noun]

Definition of Verbiage:

repetition, wordiness

Synonyms of Verbiage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verbiage:

Sentence/Example of Verbiage:

They think that vain old cataract of verbiage to be infallible.

It may be granted that experience has shown all this verbiage to be necessary.

Nowhere in all the verbiage does it say how big they have to be to be counted as people.

The value of Wilson's "verbiage drives" was questioned in this country.

After elimination of all verbiage, this fact was the only residuum.

Let us try to extricate, if we can, his argument from this heap of verbiage.

Alfred shook his head; he, too, knew the mainspring of this verbiage.

He does not always use these very words, but this is the meaning of all his verbiage.

Divested of verbiage, their deeds will still be found honorable and manly.

Golf is enveloped and encompassed round about with a wordy mass of verbiage.