Yelp [noun]

Definition of Yelp:

short, high cry

Synonyms of Yelp:








Opposite/Antonyms of Yelp:


Sentence/Example of Yelp:

We've got them tied up close by, and every little while one gives a yelp.

Stop that barkin', now, you whelp, Or I'll kick you till you yelp!

The earth struck him a harsh blow on the nose that made him yelp.

The yelp of a dog was heard now and then and the faint cries of children.

With a yelp of triumph he rose to his knees and leveled the weapon.

From behind him came a yelp, another, a thump, and then a series of thumps and yelps.

Still with his milk-teeth in his head, and already does he yelp for battle!

They did not, however, attempt to do more than bark and yelp at Henry and his father.

You yelp out your infernal rot loud enough when you are drunk.

One thing I'm glad of, and that is you fellows were close by, and could hear me yelp.