Yap [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Yap:

They probably think they can get quail on toast now if they yap for it.

It was too late to see them, and Con, who limped at my heels, had not a yap left in him.

The glass and porcelain money on Yap must have come from China or Japan.

In the second place there is no mound of sand in front of Yap Yap's doorway.

He is to be feared most of all because he can follow Yap Yap down into his hole.

He is called the barking deer, because he can bark or yap almost like a dog.

The coyotes broke out again; yap, yap, yap—then the high whine.

The monosyllable escaped her lips like the yap of a dog at bay.

That yap up there at the top of the hill could have done this for you long ago.

"I hear you're runnin' over to Yap, Mr. Grief," Cornelius went on.