Moo [noun]

Definition of Moo:

calling out; yelling

Synonyms of Moo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moo:

Sentence/Example of Moo:

Of his wife, "Moo," who outlived him many years, how much one might say!

From the pasture the red and white cow sent after them a broken-spirited "Moo!"

Moo (m'o)--a reptile; a dragon; a mythologic monster (p. 260).

As they talked they had walked on and now heard a low “Moo!”

The O Moo was still standing in the little stream on the sandy island.

The boom of cannon outranked the moo of cattle in his meadows.

We'll have to depend on 'local talent' and—hear that cow 'Moo!'

And Brindle always knows me, and says 'Moo' when she sees me.

Alas, what could be done with beef, that had said "moo" that forenoon?

They paw the ground and moo at each other but must not fight unless they can break the ring.