Purr [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Purr:

"I mean to hear the trial," continued Mrs. Garth, with a purr of satisfaction.

Charles-Norton half closed his eyes; his soul began to purr.

And the Tom Cat said, “Can you curve your back, and purr and give out sparks?”

The newspapers pounced on them with joy, as cats pounce and purr on catnip.

They could hear the purr of the taxicab as it dashed up the street.

I came to the side of the punt and stroked her and she began to purr at once.

Instead, the tiger looked around, and gave a purr, and then a growl.

I cannot catch mice any longer, and I like to lie behind the stove and purr.

But Mrs. Purr was a kind cat, and would not have scolded at all.

The purr grew louder, and ended in the full-throated "Aaarh!"