Whiny [adjective]

Definition of Whiny:

crabby, moody

Synonyms of Whiny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whiny:

Sentence/Example of Whiny:

He is one of those dogs that look scratchy and whiny at the first glance.

The woman was reading in a whiny, excited drawl: "'One thousand dollars reward for——'"

Near the counter where the food was served out one of the cooks swore interminably in a whiny sing-sing voice.

She does get into whiny states, and is regularly tiresome; and the more you notice her, the worse she is.

In contrast to his size, which was considerable, this Judge Priest had a voice that was high and whiny.

"I wish I'd had a brother instead of two whiny little kiddy sisters," said Peter.

It certainly didn't sound like Tom Grollins's whiny treble, but then—perhaps he was pretending, so as to put her off.

"Beth, you really are a whiny child, you always have a grievance," her mother complained.