Wrestling [verb]

Definition of Wrestling:

struggle physically or mentally with something

Synonyms of Wrestling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrestling:

Sentence/Example of Wrestling:

And there must be umpires, as there are now in wrestling, to determine what is a fair hit and who is conqueror.

In the center of a group of spectators two men, stripped to the waist, were wrestling.

Colonel Mayhew took us to the fair, and to see the wrestling; then to the bazaars.

His passion was wrestling with a ghastly doubt, but it was of the kind that dies hard.

Round behind Teutoberg he pivoted—a wrestling trick he had learned as a boy.

God knows since I've been wrestling with the world and with life I have cursed no one like you!

The midnight wrestling is the pressure of human enmity and strife.

All these months since the invasion the army we belonged to had been wrestling with Oudinot in the north.

He was wrestling with all his might, with the brass loop of the port.

The blessing her wrestling had wrought was but of short duration.