Ongoing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ongoing:

Each of us is part of the ongoing creation of nursing as we share our experience of nursing.

I shall have been, or shall have loved, or shall have been loved.Hereafter ended, ongoing.

Being dead, it yet lives, and we are the channel of its ongoing.

Force, however, is required to stop the ongoing of a habit or impulse.

By fits and starts this ongoing may be indefinitely continued.

The very nature of experience as an ongoing, changing process forbids.

The ongoing hardships faced by the peasants and workers must be reflected in artistic works.

The Commission is an important part of the ongoing struggle for justice in America, and we strongly support its reauthorization.

The ongoing border fights with Wales and Scotland were fought by England's feudal army.

It is not so to those who have gained a clear idea of the place of man and the conditions of his ongoing.