Progressing [verb]

Definition of Progressing:

move forward

Synonyms of Progressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Progressing:

Sentence/Example of Progressing:

"He is progressing splendidly, Doctor," Professor Maxon had said.

But Alice, progressing with her toilet, appeared to be little concerned.

Tremont looked at the slowly progressing constellations and cursed himself.

Things were progressing after this sort when King Pausanias intervened.

It may be that not all souls are fallen, but that some are merely in process of progressing to sight.

Our work is progressing; my morning dress is nearly finished.

Colombo seems to be progressing, and to have benefited greatly by the railway.

It had been progressing in the work he had done in the building of his farm.

The new house was progressing, though it was by no means finished.

The greater the vigour of both, the more vitally a society is progressing.