Ungodly [adjective]

Definition of Ungodly:

not accepting a religious doctrine; impious

Synonyms of Ungodly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungodly:

Sentence/Example of Ungodly:

Oh, lay me bleeding, but these are a filthy and most ungodly crew!

And again, it will also judge the ungodly, as St. John saith in chap.

This was not only an ungentlemanly, but also an ungodly act on Jupiters part.

Puritans they were, stern and haughty in their ungodly righteousness.

Her feelings towards that ungodly gentleman were rather of pity than aught else.

You will not put me off with your ungodly levity, Mr. Sebright.

How the devil did you ever get the idea—meeting me here at this ungodly hour?

Go into that hall of revelry, where ungodly mirth staggers and blasphemes.

God be merciful to my accusators, of their rash and ungodly judgment!

Desert the ceremonies of our forefathers and surrender to the ungodly?