Nodule [noun]

Definition of Nodule:

knot, growth

Synonyms of Nodule:

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Sentence/Example of Nodule:

The size of the fish evidently regulated that of the nodule.

Fig. 9 is from Northern Ohio, and is carved from a nodule of iron ore.

The gland, which is seen as a nodule, is drawn forward with forceps.

Nature's method of repair was a hypertrophy of the subintimal connective tissue and the formation of a nodule at that point.

The first of these cartilages articulates with a nodule situated a little above the middle of the first bone of the sternum.

Doubtless, an eddy from this hole accounts for the deposit of snow and, by accretions, for the erection of the nodule.

When it was opened, out of one nodule came man and from the other woman.

The essential symptoms of glanders are the nodule, the chancre, the glands, and the discharge.

A sharp-edged, natural flake served for one, and a nodule or fragment served for the other.

Rind—a deeply weathered area on the outer surface of a nodule or chunk of flint or like material.