Burl [noun]

Definition of Burl:

knot, growth

Synonyms of Burl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burl:


Sentence/Example of Burl:

One of de slave men who belonged to ole man Burl Temples wus sent to wurk for Mr. Temples' son who had married.

The people were Burl Ishman and two women who had their children with them.

Burl Jasperson was a portly little man with legs too short for his bulging body, and clothes that were too tight.

By the end of the third week out, Burl Jasperson was afflicted by an almost intolerable tension.

He was gone a long time, thought Burl, and when at last he returned his feet were dragging more than ever.

Only Burl had a vague idea of taking something to some place to do something with it.

Burl's fellow-humans were preoccupied with the filling of their stomachs.

When light came back in the morning, Burl gazed about him fearfully.

Burl whirled about, his laughter transformed instantly into a scream.

Burl had never seen any object as much as three miles distant.