Protuberance [noun]

Definition of Protuberance:

lump, outgrowth

Synonyms of Protuberance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protuberance:

Sentence/Example of Protuberance:

Folioles: leaf-like processes from a margin or protuberance.

Caruncle: a soft, naked, fleshy excrescence or protuberance.

You have, on the side of your temple, a protuberance, which I have noticed in the crania of inventors.

The word means knob or protuberance, especially that in the center of a shield.

The hump in front, he says, was derived from the protuberance of the heavy cuirass.

He had a protuberance on the back of his neck, and to my astonishment he 'yodeled' like a Tyrolese.

How great was my astonishment when I noticed a protuberance on his neck!

He becomes intoxicated by the protuberance of his own pomposity.

Sculpture is quite simply the art of depression and protuberance.

In consequence of its development, there arises a protuberance on the skull.