Tortured [verb]

Definition of Tortured:

upset or hurt severely

Synonyms of Tortured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tortured:

Sentence/Example of Tortured:

Tortured by the world and the world's law, yet Heaven's peace had settled on her.

Tortured by his inward agitation, he rose and began to pace the room.

Tortured by these imaginings, I rose up from the pavement and stood erect.

Tortured, humiliated, helpless, he saw the lash that cut him fall also upon her.

Tortured you may be to the verge of the grave, but never into it.

Tortured by the uncertainty of their fate, I passed many an anxious hour.

Tortured as I am with my own disappointments, is this a time for explanations?

Tortured with doubt and disappointment, I hastened through the crowd to where the Count was standing, surrounded by his suite.

Tortured with strange conjectures, Mark saw the day waning, and yet no sight nor sound of him he looked for.

Tortured by rage and pain, the reptile struck at the Chinaman's face, but couldn't quite make the distance.