Mistreat [verb]

Definition of Mistreat:

treat badly or wrongly

Synonyms of Mistreat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistreat:

Sentence/Example of Mistreat:

It was, of course, not to the interest of the Russians to mistreat the people of Galicia.

It will be impossible for you to mistreat Williams, associated as he is with your father.

I did not find it necessary to mistreat Mrs. Smiley in order to test her powers.

It seemed to him that it would be neither wise nor safe to mistreat her.

Never falsify or mistreat the facts: they are the supreme thing.

He must take the part of his wife and mistreat his children or vice versa.

My brethren, can you mistreat your wives, the mothers of your children?

"He never did mistreat me," she murmured, hardly above a whisper.

Only incensed by this he would beat and mistreat her out of all reason.

But this prelate thought it better to send her back to her husband's home, urging him not to mistreat her.